Directing: Shakespeare

Kathi  is the co-founder and resident director of Josephine SummerStage, an annual Shakespeare Production integrating visual and performing arts through the incorporation of a sculpture into the interpretation of each year's script.

Kathi has also directed Shakespeare productions for New Theatre, Miami; Public Theatre of Kentucky, Looking for Lilith Theatre Company and ShoeString Productions. She has also had the honor of being assistant director to Dennis Krausnick of Shakespeare and Company for The Winter's Tale and Titus Andronicus.


Josephine Sculpture Park

PageLines- 2011McB.jpg2011 Macbeth

Sculpture: The Crucible – Doug Schatz
This first year was an all-female version of Macbeth in which the four elements were lifted up and the world of the three sisters was normative. Live fire torches provided the lighting as the sun set.


2012 The Tempest

Sculpture: The Clarity Vehicle – Mollie Rabiner
Year two brought the inherent power and magic of the island to the foreground, with the sculpture doubling as the ship in scene one and becoming the seat of the island's magic for the rest of the play.


"Wooing Orlando" Josephine Sculpture Park, As You Like It2013 As You Like It

Sculpture: Make It Writhe – Andrew Marsh
The first year that the sculpture was commissioned, these sculptures embodied the tension between organic love and sophisticated Romance; the production's visuals were inspired by Medieval tapestries and Romance literature.


2014 The Winter's Tale

Sculpture: Threshold – Melanie VanHouten
Exploring the liminality between the human form and the art form, the production lifted up the seasonal, natural cycle of redemption and renewal.



New Theatre Shakespeare

WT-FL Leontes' courtThe Winter's Tale




CYM Posthumus visionCymbeline





Public Theatre of Kentucky

Hamlet get thee to a nunneryHamlet




Looking for Lilith

LFL Much AdoMuch Ado About Nothing – all female production






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