Directing: Contemporary

Kathi's interest in contemporary playwrights includes many women writers -- American and European.  She directs comedies and dramas, plays for youth as well as for general audiences. Frequently her directing focuses on social justice issues.


ShoeString Productions

Stones in his Pockets

Read about the production.

Arts-Louisville reviewed the production.



Read about the production.

Here's what one patron had to say:  "How sophisticated can ya get? A witty French play about art, presented in one of Louisville's better art galleries. I'm talking about Art, ShoeString Productions' social the Pyro Gallery.... Presented in a bare space with minimal props, this play depends only on the dialog among the three men to succeed, and succeed it does. An intimate little production about values and friendship, directed by Kathi E.B. Ellis, who said that she waited to find the right people to cast this play. The wait paid off with actors Doug Sumey, Keith McGill, and Lee Look."

Listen to an interview about the production:


Dead Man Walking
(in partnership with Assumption High School)

Read about the production



The Alley Theater


Arts-Louisville reviewed the production.







Women Behind Bars

LEO reviewed the production. And here are more photos.



YB blood transfusionThe Yellow Boat
(Alley Theater for Young Audiences)

Here are more photos, and an interview with the director and producer.

theatrelouisville - Yellow Boat review



 Takin' Over The Asylum

 Review from Insider Louisville.



Balagula Theatre

A Steady Rain

A review of the production from the Lexington-Herald Leader, and more photos.




Looking for Lilith


Both Arts-Louisville and reviewed the production.

And here are more photos.




 Body Awareness

Both Arts-Louisville and WFPL FM reviewed the production.

And here are more photos.



 As It Is In Heaven

 Additional photos here.

Reviews from InsiderLouisville, Arts-Louisville and LEO.


Actor's Choice

TD Booth and 3-card

TopDog Underdog

Louisville's WFPL and Arts-Louisville reviewed the production, as did the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Listen to an interview about the production, and to the two actors (segment begins as 12:10) on Strange Fruit.



Pleiades Theatre Company

PageLines- SCkillfloor_630.jpg Slaughter City



 Nec Targets3Necessary Targets

Necessary Targets is in good hands with Kathi E.B. Ellis’ concise and efficient direction. Like a good conductor, Ellis knows how to build tempo of dramatic action…This is a must-see piece of theater for both the aficionado and casual fan.                      (LEO Weekly)



HerStory Productions

Fanny never any tea

Shame the Devil! An Audience with Fanny Kemble

An article about this production.

Touring information.





Louisville Repertory Company

Noises Off

"Chaos, when done well, takes timing and precision, and thanks to Kathi E.B. Ellis’ direction, this play’s got it…Under Ellis’ direction, the ensemble hums. The cast creates nuanced moments that inform each of their characters… These detailed performances add to the overall production." Full review: LEO Weekly.

"So consistent is the work of the ensemble members that I am reluctant to single out praise, for it seems the nature of this show that each actor must rely on the timing and professionalism of their fellow cast members in the manner of soldiers in battle, so great is the level of commitment required to pull it off. And nothing is worse than farce played tepidly. The fast and furious action demands that timing be split-second…for the startling pratfalls that are accomplished…Thank you to director Ellis and her splendid cast for going for broke and not playing it safe in their approach to this priceless material., February 2010



Other Productions

Sylvia                                Tibbits Summer Theatre, Coldwater, MI
Jar the Floor                      Actors Guild of Lexington, KY
Three Tall Women            Pleiades Theatre Company, Louisville, KY
Necessary Targets             Pleiades Theatre Company, Louisville, KY
Social Security                  Pritchard Theatrical Productions, Marshall, MI
Social Security                 Circa 21 Playhouse, Rock Island, IL


Photos courtesy of staff at each theatre


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